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Money assistance

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Deer Heart  

Money assistance: I need help to pay land taxes and some bills. I barley make over $700.00 a month and then

I need help to pay land taxes and some bills. I barley make over $700.00 a month and then $194.00 a month in food stamps to feed 3 people. We are good honest people. We have had a lot of tragedy and grief but have had our faith what is done is done and we must carry on until it is our time to cross over.
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school financial aid, Money assistance: I am in serious need of aid. I am in school currently trying to finish

I am in serious need of aid. I am in school currently trying to finish my BA for digital design and animation. The problem is I've maxed my loans and pell grants (and my school won't take anything else besides federal loans and pell or scholarships which are a gamble and take too long to get). I currently need about $4,000 to pay for the out of pocket balance of my education. If I can't pay this I'll probably have to drop up and not finish my degree which is awful because I only need 16 more credits to graduate in the Spring (2013) (so I need this money paid in full by that time in March).

167 credits and $56,000 already in federal loans for my degree so far and I hit this roadblock right at the very end. Not only that but to add insult to injury my grandma just died on 12/12/12. She wanted more than anything to see me graduate. I had been taking care of her almost exclusively during her final year battling cancer along with trying to keep up and finish school. Now in honor of her memory I need to finish and graduate in the spring.

The problem is I don't qualify for any additional grants, scholarships are pretty much useless as they take too long and I may not get anything for my efforts (when I started my education 4 years ago I was a scholarship filling out machine, doing a dozen a week and never got a single penny for my efforts so about half-way in I gave up on wasting my time on scholarships), and all my loans are maxed, the grants I do qualify for through my school are maxed and I'm poor as dirt (I have no job) and facing $4,000 to finish my degree that I just don't have and no one I know has any money either (family is broke, and friends are in their own student financial aid situations).

I need suggestions, assistance, anything. I'd usually be too proud based on how I was raised to ask but I've gotten desperate. I want to stay in school, I want to finish these last 16 credits, I NEED to graduate. If I can't get my degree I'm still faced with that $56,000 in loans anyways and I won't have a degree to try to get a decent paying job to help pay them back so I'm in even bigger financial hardship.

I'll even work to get the money needed. I'm nearly finished with my degree so I'm quite good at my field of graphic and web design and animation. I also have other skills such as costume making, prop building, writing, and sculpting. I can also provide skills such as cooking and cleaning (which I'm very adapt at), babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting, and providing company and running errands for the elderly (good at this since I cared for my grandma for the past 5 years).

Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Disabled required Monetary help

I am Arabinda from India suffering from chronic ankylosin became fully orthopaedically handicapped since 1998. i belongs to a very normal
poor family. Now passing every days in a very tough economic crisis.
i also in need of some important medicine to keep my disease under control but unable to carry on such. so, i am in need of a lump sum monetary fund from any organisation or from any person or persons. If i get such money i could have start a Internet hub at my resident arranging five-six computer set with one or two employee. If so happened then i shall pay back the fund as per as i improved my financial conditions.
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help us to have hot water

Hi, this is minee. i am a50 yr old woman. i have a disabled husband whome injured himself again recently and have his leg in cast on top of that. I am unemployed right now. i am a dental assistant but the last job i was working at as a sub. for a maternity leave ended in march. i still can not find another job. i am also a full time student for dental hygiene but it is going to be fruitfull probably not sooner than a year.we are living on my husband's disability pention.
any way i am not asking for any cash, it happened that our water heater broke yeaterday and we can not afford to replace or pay for the installation. i am asking for some good hearted person to help us with this matter since there is also another disabled old lady who lives with us
and we all are in need to be able at list to take a shower!

thank you all nice people out there.
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About segal

I need to arrange US$ 2000 within 24 hours to save my family’s life, I am a research scientist & have been into business for 20 years but accidentally got bankrupted and lost my life, during the last one year we’ve been in trouble but finally found a job overseas. Unfortunately it will take about two months to receive the first income, and I have no way to pass the gap. I need to have a short term loan of US$ 2000, for 3 months, whoever can help me with any amount through the PayPal, I promise to pay it back within 3 months to the same PayPal account. Unfortunately I have nothing to secure the amount other than my word. We are really in critical situation and your co-operation will save our life.

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About realdeal30

Me and my wife recently lost our jobs and got real behind on rent, we are really good law abiding citizens who can really use a helping hand right now, my total rent due is 850 dollars and i have about 200. if anyone can please help us right now i dont want to be living on the street. If anyone can help i promise i will pay you back. If you can send paypal my email address is Thank you so very much for listening to my story.



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About Debsy

Does anyone know where I can get help, I am late on my rent, and I don't have the money to pay it, I have just received a letter from my landlord telling me if I don't come up with the back rent we have to move out.  I have children, it is 29 degrees outside today, I have absolutely nobody to ask for help, please I can't have my kids out on the street, especially with the holidays camoing p.  We are a good family, our downward balle started 2 years ago when my husband lost his job.  When he found a job we had to move to a new city 2.5 hours away, so I had to give up my job and since then, we have neer been alble to catch up.

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Help with Money  

Please Help me

I am a single mother of 2 my daughter is 15months old and my son is 3months old. And if it wernt for my parents I would not be able to feed them. I live with my parents and cant pay them any rent. we live out of the city where there is no bus. I have no car to get to a job, I am $200.00 in the hole just in over draft fee's at my bank alone. I am so far under, I have barrowed thousands of dollars from freinds and family, with no way to pay them back. I need help PLEASE if there is someone out there who can help me please come to my aid!!!
Please contact me at:
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Help with Money  

Help with Money

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Disabled and need financial help to pay bills & feed 3 kids

I've been out on disability since 9/06 and have gone through all my savings. I am now 2 months behind on paying the bills and have been selling personal belongings just to buy groceries for the kids.

Any financial assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My parents were helping with bills until my father passed away last month.

Please help.


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